"Music belongs to everyone!" Zoltán Kodály

The Hague Hungarian Choir - Haags Hongaars Koor was founded in 2015. The choir's organiser and musical leader is Katalin Kovács, a classical singer and music teacher. The Choir started with 15 people, today it has 30-35 people. In the Choir, enthusiastic amateurs, professional singers and young Hungarian musicians studying at the Hague Conservatory are singing together. The members of the choir are, without exception, Hungarians living in Holland.

The Hague Children Choir is part of The Hague Hungarian Choir. The children get to know not only the vocal work, but they also receive solfege and theoretical instruction based on the Kodály method. The Choir regularly performs at Hungarian events, the Hague Hungarian Embassy and the Federation in the Netherlands. The Hague Hungarian Choir sings regularly during Hungarian church services. Last year, the choir performed at concerts of several Dutch organizations, and they will sing at the Huygens Festival for the third year.

The main aim of the choir is to nurture and present the Hungarian choir and music culture in the Netherlands. The Hague Hungarian Choir created a great Hungarian music community.