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Studenten Codarts Dans

Michele Simi (Italië), Mandela Giudice (Italië) en Pedro Correia (Portugal) studeren dans bij Codarts in Rotterdam. Zij brengen elk een solo.

> Narcissus
Music: Allegri Miserere (Tenebrae) by The Orchard Music Dancer: Michele Simi

Narcissus is a guy from the Greek mythology who died because he fell in love with himself. If he could express that love by dancing, how would he do it?
> A work(in) progress
Music: Clair de lune by Claude Debussy Dancer: Pedro Correia

This solo is inspired on the human metamorphosis and how our personalities are a mere reflection of everything that surrounds us and shapes us into something different everyday. 
 > The motion of stillness
Music: Migration, Ian Post- Jungle Affair, Mo’Horizons- Rimani, Mattia Cupelli
Dancer: Mandela Giudice

The sense of travel, of migration, is a trait that has always characterised humanity. I will therefore try to separate this aspect into three chronological phases: the idea of moving, the will to move, the act of moving. Finally, even after the longest journey, I will never forget where and how it started, and especially how the journey may have been a deep revelation.